Chaos Wastes: Chest Guardian Went to Buy Milk

Hello again!
I’d like to report another bug that’d happened to me in Slaughter Bay.
A monster summoned by chest didn’t show up. There was sound warning that it’d been a chaos spawn, but neither music nor the monster itself wasn’t present. After 10 or so seconds quest was completed and Olesya congratulated us. But we didn’t do anything.
It happened several times with me since the very lauch of Chaos Wastes FLC.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play Slaughter Bay.
  2. Find a chest near the small wooden bridge across pool of icy water.
  3. Start the chest event and be lucky.

Here’s the video:

And console logs in zip folder, if it helps: (528.7 KB)


Most likely it spawned in a spot where it was unable to move so the game 86 it.

I thought only chef’s 86’s things? XD

Happened to me too. Dropped though the portal in Reflections and monster spawned back beyond the portal. Got chest for doing sweet FA.

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