Chainsword hitbox misaligned

Issue Description:

The one handed chainsword appears to not have proper alignment from where you see it when swinging, vs. where it is hitting. What I mean is that if you have the point of aim in the middle of your screen and swing, it looks like the chainsword is coming down directly on the enemy’s head, but you actually are not hitting the head. In order to hit the head, you have to look at their right (your left) shoulder and swing to get a headshot. At this point, it doesn’t look like it’s actually connecting to the head, but then your follow up heavy has to then be swung over to their left (your right) shoulder to get a headshot with the chain sword.

I have not found this to be the case with any other melee weapon, with achieving a headshot to be very easy as long as you line up the swing of your weapon with the head. This seems to be (so far) unique to the chainsword.

Steps to Reproduce:

Equip chainsword and just try to attack with what looks like where the chainsword is being swung.

Mission Name (If Applicable):




Player ID:

Trash_Jackson TTV

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:


Reproduction Rate:

Constant (100%)