Can't start the game (Backend error 1298)

console-2020-03-26-18.41.22-1491459f-90a6-49f0-a5c8-086442de860d.log (44.9 KB) console-2020-03-26-18.37.16-8139bf94-f15e-4e4b-a86c-ff90d09234aa.log (50.2 KB) console-2020-03-26-18.38.29-7f1d3dbd-17b9-4590-b0c3-5962d75b56de.log (45.0 KB) console-2020-03-26-18.40.29-3547d88b-889f-4128-9add-e7c493fc6333.log (23.3 KB) console-2020-03-26-18.40.37-607f8cdd-6c0c-4f50-a054-c393d138381f.log (23.3 KB) console-2020-03-26-18.40.37-8134a5b7-2fc9-47e6-8d44-3e95623db6d1.log (23.3 KB)
These are my console logs. Upon starting the game, I see the logo rotating and i get the Backend error: 1298. Help me please, thank you.

Looking in to this now - will update as soon as possible.

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