Cant rename character

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Cant rename character using hyphen. No matter what i enter - failed.
What i do wrong?
I want to be “Tactical Wizard” ((

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Yes, and I’ve tried disabling them

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Constant (100%)

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PC - Steam

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FFC 6534428397

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Underscore _ doesn’t work. You have to use - in order for it to work properly, nor can you use spaces.

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See other pics, they all have space

Which you can’t use in a character’s name.


But it says there that you can…


It say you can only use alphabetical characters (letters) and hyphens (-) not that you can use space


My zealot has a first and last name and I had to use a hyphen. -

Would be neat if they changed that. Would be actual reason for me to use the Scourge thingy.

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Okay, thats translate issue, im use translator and this word (somehow) translate on my language as “space”

Now im understand thats my bad (im just misunderstood this). Tnx

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