Can I reset my save file?

My brother is going to start playing on March 8th and I want to start over with him. Can I delete my save file so I can start over with him?

Unless you’ve already leveled up all the heroes, you could always just pick a different one for when you play with him.

But then my powerlevel will be unbalanced. Everything I earn from thereon out will be level 100 or higher.

Pretty sure that your progres is saved at Fatshark serveres. So I guess they are the only ones that can reset it.
They (FS) talked about and upcomming possible feature so we could reset our selfs …

Again talk to FS just what I read/heard around.

Start new hero (aka choose different one)while playing with your brother. When you both reach the lvl of your favorite hero return back to him.

Not saying anything like this - but if this is the case that you are untrusted then… :slight_smile: Well, you have what you ask for=]

Pick a Diffrent hero, and simply equip 1 item then to try to balance your power with his. Not that hard to figure out, and you still unlock more and more 5dmg weapons so you can still swap and only rely on Power

Equip the power 5 starter trinkets, and then just put 1 item on to strive to be similar to his hero power, while leaving the other ones at 5. It’s not ideal, but should put you at a similar range.

Another option would be to make another Steam account, family share the game to the new account, and use that other account when playing with your brother.

Why not join the Fatshark Discord