Can bonus power increase cleave?

I know, that bonus power increases damage and theoretically it also increases stagger, but does it increase cleave? And if yes, then I have a more specific question - can power vs increase cleave? Because from my tests on modded realm it can not.

IIrc bonus power does increase cleave, power vs does not.

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Hero Power indeed does affect cleave, or at least it should. It is a lot more dependent on a weapon’s base cleave than Power, though, so I don’t think Power vs. whatever is usually enough to affect it, at least noticeably. Once something cleaves five targets (where 20% would be effective, allowing one additional target), it gets quite hard to notice changes on it.

Granted, I don’t know exactly how fractional cleave and Power adds work, but considering Cleave amounts and percentages, it’s very unlikely to make a significant impact.

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