[BUG] PS4: my Daily + Weekly Quests are Broken

On PS4 here. My Daily Quest shows a blank red X icon where the chest icon should be. When I tried to turn it in yesterday I got a crash.

My weekly Quest timer also shows a wrong number, something huge like 123,456,789 hours.

Nearly the same for me, except redeeming the red x reward just claimed nothing.
At the time of writing weekly quest timer shows 104231599:04:28:ss

My brother has the same kind of number for his weekly, but his daily seems unaffected, he claimed them ok yesterday :confused:

Now all 3 of my dailys objectives are complete and all had the red cross. I turned them in and got nothing. I had ten emprahs chests before I turned the quests in and I had the same disappointing ten afterwards too :frowning:
I worked out in how long my weekly is due to rotate. 104ish million days works out at 280ish thousand years…

This all started when my game had a glitch days ago where all characters went back to lvl30 and my +lvl was finally showing (something like 46 for salty at the time) aaaand I was getting commendation chests for each new lvl up!
This only lasted a night and now everyone is 35 again with no +lvl or commendation chests.

Same bug for me as well

Hey! Yeah we are in the process of submitting the latest updates for review at Sony and Microsoft, but in order for it to go in, we had to update the ‘backend’ system to award shillings for quests and the like. So those will appear as and you wont see any reward, but we’re counting up those shillings and they will be available when the emporium and Drachenfels goes live soon! Sorry for the confusion


Awesome, I look forward to the update!

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