Bows with scrounger get stuck if the skill activates with last arrow (Kerillian)

Issue Summary:
If the last arrow triggers a critical hit and gives ammo back, Kerillian is unable to shoot because she does not have an arrow ready. Pressing R or quickly switching to melee is a workaround.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Equip any bow with Scrounger with Kerillian
  2. Shoot arrows until you have only one left
  3. Shoot the last and pray Sigmar, Taal and Ranald for it to be a critical hit
  4. Scrounger restores ammo, but Keri is unable to shoot because the arrow hasn’t loaded

Reproduction Rate: Constant (100%)

Additional Information: It does not happen to Kruber’s bows or any Hitscan weapon. Have not tested it with Saltzpyre. It may be related to the arrow being a projectile instead of a hit-scan and the skill activating after the weapon checks for the next arrow.

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