Bots playing Pass the parcel with a healing draught

I have only witnessed this when playing with 3 bots on cataclysm, but it has happened couple times already.

I don’t know reproduction steps other than “play on cataclysm and make sure you have a healing item and wait until one of the bots finds healing draught.”

When the bug happens, the bots start repeatedly passing a healing draught with each other in a loop, which ends eventually but for a 10-20 seconds two pots are passing a potion between each other.

I have a hunch this behaviour might have something to do with Natural bond. One of my bots does have NB on it’s neclace, while other 2 have barskin. Could it be that bot with barskin figures that the bot with NB needs the potion, but bot with NB doesn’t want to use the potion and thus passes it back to the original bot?

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its nothing to do with natural bond. I experience it too.

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