Bots are my only friends

Hi, everyone, first let me congratulate Fatshrk for making an awesome Coop-FPS. :sparkling_heart:

Now that’s out of the way, it’s a great coop-game but whith the same old crappy FPS community, people are more interested in doing perfect runs than actually cooperating to clear a level so, bots are my best and only friends.
Coop should be about helping each other, not farming gear… -_-

You all either do not understand what cooperation means or are just elitists that shun all but the ones you deem worthy.
It’s really a sad thing to see a game with such potential to be broken by ‘First! power hungry wannabees’.

Well, anyways back to my bot friends.


I understand you, I feel :two_hearts: you and I fully support you.

Getting into the game can be bit confusing, people are searching some random locations (usually dying there), they are picking something to reduce your max HP even if you dont want to because you are not good enough to survive with low health pool.
Ranged spammer everywhere just hogging all kills, while they are not watching flanks or other people backs.

All that is true. And its kinda sad :sob:. But thats simply community, in every game you will find people you want to strangle over the internet and sometimes you find people you want to marry.
I myself from time to time run some recruit missions, talk to people, show them some tricks or where tomes/grims are.

But what exactly do you expect from the game? Always when you have problem with something drop in idea or thought how the thing could improve. :thinking:

Lets not talk about skilled people. I consider myself good, but sometimes when I run legendaries with my friends I feel like I am just slowing them down :see_no_evil: , even though I am not dying or anything and I do all stuff they ask. Simply good people are here for the win, so its obvious when you hit some farmers they are just rushing to get tomes/grims and finish the game.

But when you are in normal game what do you expect from it? Even new people will learn where the tomes and grims are, free XP is great thing and it doesnt even hurt (tomes are easy to collect), you get better loot (its always nice to get some orange stuff).:money_mouth_face:

There is no reason to tarry, you dont get more XP for more kills, so someone doing all the kills and damage, well who cares. You dont get more XP for more time spend in the mission, you dont get more rewards for killing more bosses. :alarm_clock:
Aside from tomes/grims there is nothing to explore, no lore pages, treasure chests are usually along the way, same goes for pack rats.

What sort of coop do you expect from game thats basically Mario :skaven::racing_car: Skaven Kart :racing_car: :skaven:.
Well if you meant people not hugging chokepoints or reviving you, thats different problem.

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It has been a challenge to adapt to the game, fair challenging gory fun. :smiley:

I guess I was looking for fun with others. I don’t really mind the long runs searching for stuff or the health decrease if the party is coherent, the ammo hoarders get me a little, but they’re not that bad. XD

It’s just that unlike in other coop games I’ve played, I have more fun playing this one alone( even if I fail the mission ) than I do with other people( completing it ). :frowning_face:

And that bothers me for some reason. O_o

The community has always been a coinflip. You have the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good being actually cooperative team members that don’t scapegoat, the bad being the typical elitists that think they’re the sh*t, and the ugly being the people who think the point of the game is to get kills so they wander off away from the team purposefully and get themselves killed in the process while not giving a damn about friendly fire.


Maybe if they added some more maps like well watch, black powder or last stand mode it could be more fun. I think they underestimated popularity of these maps.

I have similar “problem” with some games too, games like dawn of war, warframe or battlefleet gothic I enjoy only solo and usually have much more fun without other people. But its always better with friends.

I hope you find some nice friendly premade, wish you good luck. :kissing_heart:

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Hey, I’m always up for helping new players get the hang of the game or just muck about! If you want to play, send me a PM and I can friend you on Steam. I use voice chat but I don’t get mad. :smiley: I also know other cool players.

We’ve had some really great experiences with the community so far - but usually it’s one random joining our group whilst we wait for our fourth. Everyone, so far, has been friendly… Some have been terribly knowledgable and have shown patience in getting us to grims etc… Others have been noobs and have apologised for being knocked down… Others have been just great team mates, sticking together and riding the waves out with us.

So… chin up! And maybe start adding some guys on here to your friends list?

I agree with you fully. Some people are the worse. I joined a game and was instantly kicked because the host though that veteran ranger Bardin is awful (in more colourful language). However, bots annoy me even more than people most of the time. I have mainly got good people in coop though

I find the legend community to be the most interesting, you either get elitists who will kick for anything, lone rangers who pull units that are not needed then complains its someone else’s fault when things go south or some cool groups that will keep with you even if you suck, trying to learn the difficulty now, i suck at it but gotta keep at it i guess to get there.

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