Bonus game for a random type of weapon in battle

I use Yandex translator. I want to suggest that developers add the function of random weapons in battle. It works as a bonus for the type of random game. For example, selecting a random weapon from the inventory or a menu where you can place your preferred weapon for playing with random weapons. It’s fun and motivating to run with all types of weapons in combat, not just the best ones.


Or they could add a weekly challange that rewards you playing a certain number of matches wuth certain weapons


Yeah, if only we had the game properly balanced around using all the weapons at our disposal, and on all difficulty levels…

As a challenge - sure, I could see that happening.

That’s actually a good idea for a weekly quest. Adds gameplay variety.


But also the choice of random weapons should be. What would it be red and with the right effects. Simply choosing any weapon from all the junk in the inventory will not work. We need to think about this, and I have no doubt that if the developers decide to add it, they will be able to implement it correctly and well.

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I would still like to have it as a function, like a quick game that will give you experience behind using.

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This offer just solves the problem of weapon balance in the game. Since it can’t be perfectly balanced, there will be at least some motivation to play with random weapons. Because it is very difficult to give up the usual, convenient and effective.

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at least on legend i always swap weapons every match since it keeps my gameplay fresh and me on edge so i dont get rusty. On cata not so much since i use what i feel most comfortable with