Bombs are vanishing on throwing without exploding

As title says, bombs are vanishing on throwing.

The bug occurs on maybe 25%-50% of the time for me. Map was into the nest. In keep it works as intended.


to clarify i was playing huntsman, my mate was necro. Both of our bombs havent worked.

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Was about to post this.

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also came here to post. Just played a match as grail knight, threw both a firebomb, and a strong bomb - both ‘disappeared’ immediately without effect after throwing, after it would have otherwise hit the ground or target.

EDIT: for further clarity, team-mate was necro, and had two bots warrior priest and ironbreaker. Was playing Against the Grain adventure on cata, official realm.


Can confirm played 3 different classes tonight with a necro or being a necro. Against the Grain and Screaming Bell maps about half the bombs vanish when thrown.

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my friend and i havent given a command at all to the skeletons, still had the bug.

I think i found the actual reason for it. It seems to have nothing to do with the necro.


for me bombs are not exploding every time it is a direct hit. tested in the keep vs the training dumies as engi bardin and no other players

So it is different for everyone?? Weird.

no matter for me if it hits or not, sometimes it explodes sometimes not.

Huh. For me it seems to be constant when hitting a enemy. Feels like it actually has to do smth with hardware then.

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