Bolt staff charge lacks clarity

So I’ve been trying to get into Sienna a little recently so I’ve been trying out some of her staves.

My issue with the bolt staff is how the charge works, its got the three charge levels: uncharged, somewhat (half?) charged, and fully charged. Having 3 charges is fine, but there is very little visual feedback on when you actually charge all the way.

There is a sound cue but I can barely hear it over some of the sounds in the game sometimes (or music).

I think the easiest way to add needed clarity to the bolt staff would be to take the Kruber longbow approach and just zoom you in when it’s fully charged. I would appreciate both the zoom and the knowledge that I am gonna do full damage.


I agree that zoom on third level charge would be nice, but I think the visual could be better as well. Just a subtle pulse effect at each charge level would be a much better indicator than trying to gauge how far back your arm is. But for real, pls give bolt some sort of zoom functionality.


Worst part is that the audio cue is misaligned with the actual full charge. It still takes 0.5-1 second for the bolt to reach maximum damage after the cue plays.

Yea, I had to keep playing around with it in the keep on dummies until I could memorize the time it took. You will not hear the audio cue during gameplay.

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