Bleed Is Underwhelming (Also Bloodletting)

I have tier 3 bloodletter on my eviscerator and the bloodletting perk. After I hit an enemy a few times with the chain special attack it takes a miniscule 4-12 DPS from bleed for a couple seconds. Degrading extremely fast, faster than flame damage even though flame is much easier to stack. Only enough to kill a weak enemy if you brought them within a sliver of dying with your attack.

Even with the bonus 10% to crit from Bloodletting it for some reason felt much less than 10%. Multiple special attacks that hit multiple times and sometimes I’d go an entire crusher’s health with 0 crits, or maybe 1 or 2. And the eviscerator’s special multi-hits to boot.

Bloodletting’s duration also felt too restrictive. Barely enough time to prepare another special attack into a heavy. I feel it should be buffed from 3 seconds to 4 or 5. Gives you a chance to maybe dodge and then continue stacking bleed.

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Try it on unyielding armour type (bulwark, reaper, bosses). Can stack up to 160 per tick on them.

Also probably don’t spam special with that setup, try doing one special to get bleed going then spam light attacks to get up to +30% crit chance ASAP. From there probably rotate specials back in.

One last thing, chainsword/evicerator special, despite being a multi hit, seem to crit for the whole attack, or crit for none of it. Despite doing multiple instances of damage, it seems to count as one attack for most purposes.

Bloodletting is only powerful with lacerate and Faith Restored as of now, unfortunately

Normally they die too quickly for me to actually get use out of bleed, that’s why I did testing on the crusher.

Also I’m now encountering a glitch where I can’t apply bleed to anything now in the psycanium place