Beta Sharpshooter clipping

I have no idea why, but the helmet for beta testing for sharpshooter is clipping through the nose and neck in some paces. I have deleted and recreated the character, changed height and manyfaces and the problem remains. Meanwhile, another player with the same helmet did not appear to have such issues. Is it just me or not?

same thing for a friend

although for me its not clipping.

Change your face. Some faces works good, some looks like socks with holes

uk any specific ones that are good?

Try this face

or this

Choose face 1.

You can customise appearance (Not height or name though) at the chirurgeon in the hub.

Stupid fix, but it’s the only one that works right now if you don’t want the face to clip through.

Other faces might work as well but you barely see them anyway.