Beta Process - Legit Question for Fatshark

Did you check out the feedback forums? It was probably 90% people saying they never saw any beastmen and 10% saying they saw no change. FS released the patch 100% as-is because they were satisfied with the telemetry.

This is telling you that the beta was so short they didn’t put much stock into feedback. Which, given the length of the beta this was the right thing to do. No one can get a feel for a whole new AI algorithm in 48 hours.

I think this means they would have listened to feedback if there would have been an extreme outcry. Not necessarily that they were interested in feedback in general.

This is what they used to make the decision to release the beta branch live.

I think this short beta was definitely better than no beta. Could have saved from game-breaking bugs going into the weekend. However, I do not interpret the response in the same way you did given the underlying facts.

I feel like we are saying the same things in different words.

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