Beta forum access request

I participate in the first beta thanks to the alienware giveaway and now i’ve recived a key(on my email linked to this forum account) for the seconde beta, i would like to have access to the beta forums if possible.

thank you :v2:

Forum access will be open shortly before the second phase of the Winds of Magic Beta starts, so later today.

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Nice :skaven:

Beta’s up but still no access

/friendly nudge

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You appear to already have access - see here.

Comes up as access denied with this error message;


Access Denied

while trying to load /c/WOM/find_by_slug.json

Something went wrong.

Hmmm, I see. Try logging out and back in, clearing your cache, etc.

Cleared cache, closed chrome, reopened and logged back onto forums, same error I’m afraid.

It’s working now, maybe someone smacked the server. Thanks.

It is working for me :skaven:

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