Been busy? me too

I used midjourney to (attempt) to make some tarot card style vermintide 2 art, heres what came out so far:


blightstormer 2nd attempt

Sienna Battle Wizzard

Convocation of decay

convocation of decay second attempt

Markus Kruber

Sienna Fuegonasus

Sienna Fuegonasus (2)

The pit

The pit(2)

Saltzpyre (young)


Was supposed to be bardn, brought a pig instead

Chaos Warrior

Chaos Warrior 2

Grail knight attempt

Plague monk

The Blightreaper

Bonus Round: dream diffusion self explanatory

It would be nice to have merchandise on tarot card style (that you can print on demand) i know at least 5 people who would buy it.


I don’t know anything about tarot card or such. But really cool art. :smiley:

They have this intriguing and mysterious format, it actually looks magic even though i don’t believe in this sortacrap.
Vermintide art is pretty fit for such.

Btw, feel free to post any of these on vermintide 2 steam community, i would myself but i am banned there for unknown reasons.


The elf

Taal’s keep


Halescourge 2

And then i attempted to get something to put on the back and got some pretty randomic but nice looking symbols.

Got this one during an attempt at taals keep, kinda look like a dwarven rune.

Liked it and asked the robot to make variations

This one could be easily related to chaos with some minor corrections on the main symbol.

This one looks vikin’ish

Minor alterations and this could easily be on the back of Chaos related items.

Last one i promise

Figure in the middle looks almost like a Warrior priest with a sword pierced inhis back.

Again all credit goes to Midjourney, a very addictive image bot, highly recommend everyone to go try it.