Battle wizard(about talents,Volcanic Force)

Hello,fatshark,i want to ask about Volcanic Force.
I use Charge Attack of the Bolt Staff to shoot the enemy.
the damage only has 22% increase.
It’s that normal?

Every difficulty have power cap you probably hit it, or you tested it on dummies, and thats bad idea overall :smiley:

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How do I know what the power cap limit is

legend,only one taget, chaos warrior,
i use mod to test,
For example(Use the talent,Volcanic Force)
In the castle,i can hit it 153HP.
But in the map, only hit 131 HP.
Without Volcanic Force,
In the castle,i can hit it 106HP.
in the map, same damage 106 HP.
So,Volcanic Force increas power50%,it’s no use multiply?

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