Bardin's Axe and Shield unlock

At what level do these unlock? I’m at level 14 and I still haven’t found one of these in any chest nor have I unlocked them as craft-able.

I got an axe and shield before I even got the ironbreaker. had a couple since being the ironbreaker and he is now level 13 so either its a bug or just bad luck.

I got a pair in a chest at level 15 but I’m still unable to craft them.
I’m worried because I’ve been having a bug that prevents me from getting loot at the end of the game (
I hope the base Axe and Shield item was not affected by this.
In any case, Bardin has so many weapons that waiting for one specifically can be a PitA.

Pretty sure I got them unlocked at 12.

Sent a ticket to Fatshark. Looks like it is bugged

Sorry to semi necro, but any clarification on when they unlock now? Just got IB but looking forward to axe/shield charge attack

The IB axe and shield charged atack is bugged. Steer clear.

I looked through the “bugs” category and couldn’t find anything. What’s the bug? If it’s game breaking, is there any other solution for being a semi-tank other than hammer and shield? The lack of armor pen doesn’t seem optimal.

You get all unlocks by level 12. If you’re missing anything it’s a bug.

The main tool with A/S is the first charged attack, the shield bash. You shield bash, cancel the heavy attack combo string with a quick block, then start it again with the shield bash. But now you can’t reliably cancel the string (“now” meaning quite some time), so if you try to give two quick bashes you mind end up continuing the charged combo and ruining everything.

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Thx for the reply, and looks like 2h hammer it is!!

You might need to just adapt your tactics and patterns. The Axe and Shield, including their shield bash (a wonderful strike, I agree) are working quite well for me. My choice is bash, quick strike or two, then return to blocking and pushing. Then again, Two-handed Hammer, One-handed Hammer and Hammer and Shield work too, they just are very different weapons to play.

As a lot of weapon choices in this game, it’s really largely a question of playstyle. @Nicky2tymes, don’t let others and their opinions stop you from trying different stuff. Personal preferences and skills play a large part here.

Yeah, i’ll adjust my tactics to praying it won’t bug when i need it. BY SIGMAR!

Thanks, I’ll definitely give it a go. After researching, it seems like for hordes the 2h hammer has a little bit better aoe. I’m thinking trying that with drakefire pistols. Still a total noob, so it’ll take me a bit to figure out what works best for me. Anyhow, I really appreciate y’alls advice.

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