Bardin (OE) Crank Gun - Pressure loss sound?!

I’ve been trying out Bardin’s new class a little over the last few days and I wanted to complete a few achievements in the process. There’s this one where you have to crank 100 times at the last moment not to lose the pressure. Now that I’m not using UI Tweaks at the moment I really have to admit that I found it very hard to keep track of the corresponding icon in the buff bar and thought it would be much more pleasant to have a sound that would alert me to the impending drop in pressure, a little whoosh or something like that (like overheating). Dunno, it was just a quick idea, maybe it’s usefull, maybe not.


I find I lose track of it easily. The buff is kind of tucked away and out of focus where it is, so an indication sound before the pressure stacks end would make the micro smoother.


So turn on UI Tweaks.

UI Tweaks has been unsanctioned due to creating massive log files (up to 20+ gigabytes) so unfortunately, he can’t turn it on.

Mine still works