Backend Error for 4 days now

Pressing A

Platform: Xbox OneX

Duhh Jeenyus

Nov 9th CST

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same, they dont care. they havent replied in over two days now.

I’m having some trouble locating your account, could you share your Fatshark account name with me?

Duhh Jeenyus is the GT ive been using for years, never had this problem on Vermintide 2, which i can still play. I dont understand.

I need your Fatshark account name (as opposed to your GamerTag) or the names of your operatives please.

Oh i cant imagine i used a different username.
I have an Ogryn: Duhh, Veteran: Jeen, Zealot: Wahg, Psykker: Syke

Got it - I’ve sent you a DM.

Nah they just havent updated the UI to inform you when your account is suspended. Im banned til the 24th cuz i hate assail, dont need help killing unarmored, doesnt do real dmg to bosses, and most just use it to kill anything you step towards. Needs a rework. Less ammo, more damage would be my first thought. Then there are rushers who speed to the checkpoints and then kick you at the end after getting all the loot for them