Athel yenlui problem

in athel yenlui, in the last part of the alignment the circles, go 3 games where we perfectly align the circles, and the lines are blue, but the mission still marks that a circle is left to align until sometimes 2 are missing


Just had this happen as well. Happened to the host as well as clients.
The leylines were glowing blue and almost perfectly in line to the person who did the realignment but not to others. Others would see that the realignment was ended too early.


Last night when I got this issue as client the circle I aligned got unaligned when another player finished theirs after mine, so I interacted with it for a split second and it registered without going over

Didn’t think I saved this but turns out I did.

An example

The exact same thing happened to the host in the same game a minute prior to this video’s recording.
Edit: As evidenced/indicated by the dwarf saying “the second one isn’t completely done either

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