Asrai Alacrity & Elf ranged weapons inconsistent buff consumption

When shooting some enemies with Handmaidens ranged weapons whilst having the Asrai Alacrity buff, the buff gets consumed. Other enemies do not consume the buff on ranged hits.

The enemies the buff gets consumed on are: Critter_Pig, Critter_Rat, Gutter_Runner, Loot_Rat, Pack_Master, Poison_Wind_Globadier, Ratling_Gunner, Warpfire_Thrower, & Teammates.

All other enemies do not consume a stack of Asrai Alacrity when hit with a ranged weapon.
It would be nice if either every enemy consumed the stack, or no enemies consumed the stack to keep things consistent

This bug occurs with all of the available ranged weapons on Handmaiden.

The reason I want this to be consistent is because the Briar Javelin benefits from Asrai Alacrity’s Power bonus, and it’s attack speed bonus, both when thrown and when reloading. Not having to worry about stacks being lost when hitting certain enemies would make this playstyle a lot more consistent/strong. I assume the power and attack speed also benefits the bows as well.

No enemies should consume the stack, its worked that way for every enemy except the ones you’ve mentioned since the talent was released. To me its always seemed that consuming no stacks with ranged attacks was always intended because it works for almost every enemy in the game.

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