Animations seem broken in this patch

Ever since the new patch, animations seem off.

Clanrats and Gors cause damage during the windup for the attack animation.

Stormvermin just stand there without reaction when staggered,
which suddenly switches into an attack animation without windup.

Stormvermin with shields have the same issue,
with the added problem that their shield counts as up in that state,
making them effectively invulnerable.

Gutter Runners delay their attack and just warp onto you,
so you can’t hit them when they pounce you.

IDK what exactly caused this, but the game has essentially become unplayable in some instances.


Noticed that about the clanrats as well. Ate a couple of hits were I thought they just put their poker back before striking.


FK charge doesn’t knock down everyone and doesn’t always take agro from a downed player, pushing doesn’t seem to always work, some enemies completely ignore stagger on occasions and hit through block.

I don’t know how FS have managed to break virtually everything. Stagger, DoT, Animations, chaos Wastes Crashfest, Hats breaking everything(!), Sienna Unchained goes insta-boom when overcharged and the list goes on. It’s baffling how so much gets so f*cked and still pushed to live.

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I often see enemies with no animation wobbling left and right, before suddenly going into the normal animations.

Yesterday I saw 2 gunners spawn and they just stood still shaking.

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