An honest chat about difficulty in Darktide

How? When I go in as a zealot unless I flank I take quite some damage even while spamming dodge and when I get to the ranged squad they usually scatter. Which leaves me in the bad position of either chasing them down one by one while the rest shoots at me and I’m very vulnerable to flanks or specials of any sort or draw back immediately after killing one or two targets and achieve almost nothing for possible damage taken.

Any tips for how to play melee heavy? Because according to my experience melee gets significantly worse the higher the difficulty and I’m extremely reliable on my allies not alarming any ranged enemies to even approach.

Did you say Zealot is “high mobility”?

The main issue I have with the difficulty in this game is the same issue I have with difficulty in any game: Upping enemy health always creates an extreme bias toward high DPS weapons, and makes high burst weapons useless the second the enemy health inches above their break points.

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I do understand this point, i never said these difficulties haven’t got ‘easier’ now i know how to play them better.

The point am i making is; is the way to combat the jump in difficulty/ the shift in playstyle rewarding the player’s skill level? I believe the answer is a resounding no as it stands, the balance of elite’s spawns, ranged grunt dps & general spawn placement all push the player(s) towards incredibly basic and rudimentary playstyles. I.E - don’t push, don’t take risks, don’t do this, don’t do that, stay back for a while, let them come to you, etc etc.

You could say this is due to me having bias to Vermintide, you probably are correct. Then the real issue really then is.

If i ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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Good post. I have no inherent problem with DT being harder than VT2, but what I have an issue with is them making mechanical nerfs to the melee combat that artificially weaken the player and make the melee just feel alot worse than VT2. Ranged enemies, more tanky elites, better enemy tracking, smaller dodge windows, toughness being less abundant than temp HP, etc are all design choices that I don’t inherently have a problem with, but then they also nerf what the player is capable of on a mechanical level and it completely skews my view of the situation. I think melee combat needs to be brought back up to the standards set by VT2 and then the focus can shift fully to balancing the new additions to the formula.