Ammo box before Halescourge end boss cannot be used by bots

Issue Summary:

None of the bots had full ammo and there was an ammo box. Usually, they replenish their ammo quicky by running to it, but for some reason bots cannot use this one.

Also, there are 2 more bugs in this video:

  1. Bots try to melee gatling rats, instead of shooting them. I’ve reported this bug before, but it was “archived” even though it’s not fixed, so I can’t link it here.

  2. If bots fall down from such a ledge, they will not teleport back to you, no matter how far you get away from them. In this case, I was lucky because they already grabbed medkits, but I had quite a few cases whey bots jump down without taking them.

I’m not sure whether it’s because of the ammo box or some bug in AI coding, but this happened again, this time on the box before the Ribspreader on War Camp (look at Kruber and his ammo count):

Hi QP10, thanks for the report. I have added it to our internal bug tracking database.

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