Allow us to "track" penances/contracts

Giving us a way to track penances and/or contracts would be nice. We could “pin” one of each, and be able to see them in our “TAB” screen during missions.

It would certainly be a nice QoL addition that would take a lot of guesswork out of knowing “how close” you are without having to go back to the hub and check every single time.



I agree, this should be getting more attention as the idea of “100% accuracy” is all well and good but if I went through the entire game thinking “I didn’t miss!” only to have missed because I didn’t know it also included melee accuracy or the fact that hitting a shield is not “being on target” or just simply missing a shot I thought hit is insane.

I should note I don’t want the penance to change, I want to track them so I at least know if i need to keep trying or if I can just play more relaxed.


Agree, it would also be really helpful to know which missions you’ve completed on which difficulty with your character. I need to do 2 more mission types on Heresy with my Veteran to get the 3rd helmet unlock, but I have no idea which 2 they are.


Bump, Almost made this exact same thread myself! Wish more people saw this bc the game needs it badly.

Yeah, great suggestion.


This please.

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