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Issue Summary:
We were playing as a 3 player group, and after the game we were discussing the stats we got for the match. I told my friend “good job” for getting over 12k damage, but he told me his screen only showed just under 3k. This match happened about 12/22/18 or 12/23/18. I’ve uploaded screen captures of the issue, but it has also happened a couple times since.

Attached is the screenshot my friend saw (he was Kerillian, and I was Saltzy) and a cell phone cap I took off my Xbox app. On my screen I did 6370 damage, and he did 12k. On his screen he did 2818 damage and I did 2349. The total kills are close, but seem to be one off for him and Kruber, two off for my other friend in the dwarf. I believe I was the group leader for this match.

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I also had this on ps4 when I was playing with my brother. I carried as slayer and did like 7k dmg when it only showed 2.5k for him

This exists on PC too, and has existed for a while, so it’s a known issue. As can be seen from the screenshots, Damage Done is the stat most affected, but others (including all kill counts, at least) can show some discrepancies between the host and clients, and iirc, between different clients too. There’s no direct effect to gameplay (as the end-screen stats don’t really affect anything), though, so I think it’s a low priority issue.

You can ask the host to tell you what your stats were if you care that much. But as was said, the bug has been around for a awhile, at least since September on PC. Hoping it gets fixed soon.

I was the host. It’s not that I care that much, it’s just that I hate data rot. My job involves cross checking data, so it gets under my skin when I see obvious data errors. I didn’t see any previous threads bringing it to their attention as I scrolled down the forum, so I reported it. Since it still hasn’t been fixed on PC, that doesn’t give me hope that it ever will.

A lot of threads were locked and moved to a hidden forum after the big patch.

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