Additional uses for Tobii eye tracker

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a tobii 4c eye tracker and it has made Vermintide 2 so much more immersive and enjoyable. I was wondering if at all in the future we might see additional features to the game involving the tracker? One idea was maybe tagging items/objects, specials, and bosses at gaze or an extended gaze. I’m not sure if anyone else has any other ideas that could be implemented, but I’m hoping if enough people show interest it would make its way into the game.

Thanks everyone and have a good night!


I’ve been meaning to post on here and ask how those things are - the concept sounds awesome for sure. I may just have to pick one up and give it a go.

I was super hesitant at first, but my family got it for me as a gift and I can honestly say it’s pretty awesome. It’s not that noticeable on your monitor and logging in by just looking at your monitor is pretty rad. In game it makes a big difference. You move your eyes around the screen and the camera follows suit. It’s not going to turn the screen 90 degrees, but it’s enough to make it feel like you are actually through their eyes.

My favorite feature has to be the Clean UI, it’s simply splendid. All hud elements are dimmed/transparent until you gaze at them when they pop on screen, then fade away a second or two after you look at it. It’s another way you become more immersed into the game and world around you.

Ive never used one and probably for good reason, but I am curious. If you wanna just take a quick peek at something but dont want your peripheral vision to get messed up, wouldnt this kinda screw with you? Im using TrackIR myself, although not for VT(not even sure if its supported at all). So Im familiar with the general concept and what its used for etc. Added benefit there is that you can set a custom deadzone for both x and y axis seperately, so that you can move your head a bit without moving the cam ingame. Is this a thing for the eye tracker too or are you just outta luck if you just wanna “look away” without moving your screen at all?


Another benefit of TrackIR compared to this. From a pure functional point of view, you could turn 180° with just a bit(or a bit more, depending on your settings) of head movement. The usefulness of that is certainly up for debate, as the high sensitivity would likely screw with you and give you motion sickness, but hey its possible lol.

Would love to see tagging implemented. Hold down the ping button and simply gaze at the item or enemy you want to tag.

The feature was avalible for VT1 so surprised it was missing in 2.

Would love to have more options for the clean ui as well so some elements of the HUD could always be visible and the rest hide when you don’t look at them.

I see you can aim with the eyetracker. Does this give any advantage? Any easier to quickly pop a special or headshot? Thanks.

I was tinkering with the sensitivity settings last night to test looking away from the screen and I didn’t have any problems with it moving on me. However, I also play with the head tracking feature off, which gives much more panning ability to the camera. With it on, if you turn your head left or right slightly, the camera moves in that direction much more than if you just gaze left or right.

Out of curiosity, do you ever get motion sickness from using your TrackIR? I haven’t heard of anyone getting it, but I was curious if it does cause it in some people.

You can aim with the eye tracker in two ways. The first way is fire at gaze, which will fire most projectiles where you are looking. It’s pretty cool, but it’s not as pinpoint accurate as a mouse, but still fairly accurate. The second way is aim at gaze, which when you look down sights it will snap to where you are looking, but it does not fire until you press the button. I like this a bunch because it’s incredibly snappy and you get the quickness of looking at thing combined with making minute hanged with the mouse before firing.

That’s a great idea! I like that even more than looking at the object/target for an extended period of time.

So kinda like a TrackIR lite then? Didnt think it could do that.

It depends. I mostly use it for games like ArmA and flying helicopters and such as its a priceless addition without which you couldnt do certain things and fly certain maneuvers etc. During the experience, I dont. However, if I play for a long session(2h+) without taking any longer breaks for food, drink, toilet etc, my brain gets messed up after I close the game and I get slightly nauseus for about 10mins as my brain tries to figure out why “my screen” isnt moving when I move my head. Its kinda like the opposite of motion sickness as a very slight after effect that vanishes relatively quickly.

But then Ill probably have to add that my monitor is a 27" 1440p one and I only sit around 50cm away from it usually, so aside from my peripheral vision(which vanishes during tight tunnel vision moments), I dont see anything but my screen for the duration of my playtime. Thats probably the reason I get these effects.

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