Act on Instinct/No Hud Event - We now have a crosshair

I dont know why but I have realized that we now have a crosshair by the weekly no Hud event.
Sadly I didn’t found a setting to turn the hitmarkers off. (If someone knows where to find them I would love to hear it.)

Its also a bit odd that we can now peek at the TAB screen for health.
(And I think all the consumables are now more recognizable, because we get the “overlay pickup”.)

I don’t know, but in my opinion the changes have made the “no hud” event more of a “less hud event”.

I wish there was an option or Hotkey that can turn off the entire hud.
(Or maybe there is an option but i’m too dumb to find this…)

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I know that this is now a little better and easier for some people,
but unfortunately the changes to this today demotivated me that my beloved “cinematic event” was buffed with Hud elements…

I don’t know if the UI Tweaks mod has been sanctioned once again, but if I recall that mod has options that allow you to turn off absolutely everything if that is your desire. Look it up and see if it’s still operational. Mods tend to break when the game is updated and the creators have to do some fixing before the sanctioned ones are allowed once again in the official realm.


Gonna move this to bugs and raise the ticket internally, doesn’t seem intended for the crosshair to be in play. The tab menu is likely an oversight, however. Maybe it’ll be changed or maybe not. I wouldn’t bet on it being changed however, at least not soon, as there are probably bigger fish to fry.


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