A suggestion for Blessings

Merely for personal vanity and feeling of being unique. What if Weapon Blessings made an aesthetic change and or impact on the look of a weapon.
For example certain Blessings would add a muzzle brake, or an extended barrel. Potentially add more purity seals to weapons.
Blessings that add close range damage could potentially add bayonets. Blessings such as Surgical could add laser-sights.
Potentially decorate the blades of ones weapon or change up the hilts/handles.


weapon skins are already a thing, they opted for that over modular weapon creation. i blame tencent, who is all about that sort of thing.


Doesnt rule it out as an option entirely though. I for one would love a more modular system. Preferably without RNG and locks.

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they’re not going to rebuild the entire weapon system for that.

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I came here expecting to see “new blessing suggestions”. But this was a really fun sounding idea instead! I mean… I’m sorry to say that I don’t agree with it as-is, but I like the idea of something similar! :sweat_smile:

My main issue is that I tend to have bad experiences with games tying fluff & cosmetics with gameplay. It’s kinda like Fable, where improving magic makes you super old, and improving athletics and ranged weapons makes you super tall. I want to do both but don’t want to look like either. Or like some of those RPG’s where you found some perfect magical trousers, but they look so dumb I’d never be gaught dead wearing the things no matter how strong they are.

Customization and aesthetics are extremely important to me. And while I strongly believe customization should be limited to the same type of gear for immersion (if you’re using robes, you can only select from robe / clothing cosmetics not plate or chainmail for example, or it’s ok for strength to affect your muscle mass, or dex/athletics to make you super lean, but they should’t affect your height or age and intelligence just isn’t visible at all… as an example), their exact looks should be left up to the player and their fashion sense, not the game. :smile:

So in this sense, I’d love it if a certain blessing for example meant you must have a barrel cosmetic, but you were free to choose which one. And there would ofc be enough options available to fit most tastes and an invisible one for those who don’t want it at all.

Also speaking of attachments and customization, there’s this super old game City of Heroes I remember playing like 15-20y ago and it let you actually change the animations & colours of your abilities! It would be lovely to have something like that! Naturally I get that most people wouldn’t want for Smite to look like anything between pink lightning to black mist to red flames, that would just make it all confusing and the opposite of immersive. But something minor like having a few different attack animations, a few pre-set ability colour options that fit the theme etc.

Ever since Darktide released and had that personality selection on character creation with those selectable stances for mission screen, I’ve had this dream that one day we might be able to take them a bit further. Like, what if we had like a half a dozen different personalities & stances to select from, to give our characters a specific stance in the lobby, the dropship, idle animation in missions, in-mission emotes for those elevator rides, and something to affect our dialogue like whether our character acts imposing, callous, shy, kind, etc. Small things, but they would add such a wonderful flair!

For now however, the most important thing is still the same as it has been for over 4 months: Fixing the soundless specials. Anything else is secondary. :cry:

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