48% on Steam, Why? SECOND

Gamemaster close the treat.

First: Main problem of game is not the game! The game is great!

Second: At “Stresstest” servers and game was running so smoth and brilliant. Then you downgraded the serverperformance to max. Now your loginservers are so downsampled that most of the time i have 1-2 bots in a game. Your Gameservers are so low that game runs 1 step befor unplayable… L4+ is unplayable allmost.

Third: Why? Want to earn money? Thats your first goal. My first goal is to have fun. So get together with kind of payed premium servers. 5 Euro / Month that you put into server power and nothing else.

Forth: At moment game is ruined because of this in my opinion. Sad but true

Last: Good jump over to 2023