3rd person "crouching" bug, please fix it ASAP

With certain “Ranged + Melee” weapon combinations, whenever you are holding down the aim button on Ranged while you switch to Melee, then the 3rd person character model gets bugged going crouched.
It seems that the problem is something related to aiming with ranged weapons and blocking with melee ones that get in conflict right when you switch between them.

I noticed this bug happening while using Kerillian and Victor Saltzpyre. Though I’ll keep this topic updated, trying to find more about it while playing Vermintide 2.

The only way to stand back up normally is to press the jump button.

Here you can find links to videos that I uploaded, showing exactly what this specific bug does and how to actually trigger it.

Waystalker and Handmaiden’s “Ranged + Melee” Combinations that are affected:

Shade’s “Ranged + Melee” Combinations that are affected:

Victor Saltzpyre’s “Ranged + Melee” Combinations that are affected:

I hope that you’ll find all these informations useful and to see these bugs fixed as soon as possible.


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