2h axe build for a ranger pls

not just the two-handed axe, also the small axe, I’m new and I want a true solo build with these two weapons.

Axes are off meta for ol’ RV.

Could try https://www.ranalds.gift/heroes/4/233222/7-3-1-6/50-3-6-3/2-3-5/4-6-2/7-2-3

Master of Improv is better than Foe Feller but you sound like you reeeally want to melee. That setup should give you a breakpoint against armored specials. If you’re still attacking too slow with greataxe you could drop a trait for more attack speed. Or put crit chance on weapon instead of attack speed for more Swift Slaying.

Crossbow has a hidden crit chance increase when aiming, so Hunter could come in handy.

A build for 1h axe might not be that different. Take Master of Improv because 1h axe has a passive crit chance increase on all attacks.

I use all the attack speed i can. I run CDR instead of swift slaying (for consistency). ulti for attack speed and THP. Ales.
If you already know how to use the weapon (2handers are mostly about footwork) you can play cata with little to no problems.

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