2-h-hammer (Bardin) cleave/stagger change on new patch 1.0.8?

Wondering if anyone else noticed, since i couldnt find any info about it.

2 Hand Hammer

Cant deal with horde same way i did in last patch, i could hold a horde with 2h hammer if it was coming from 180 degress or more on bardin and (solo on slayer bardin).
After last patch seems like hit stops on mobs after a few hits. Then it takes a few seconds before i can throw out another attack, making me loose the “rythm” i was doing fluid the day before patch all the time. Either that or attack speed has been decreased and it takes longer to charge up initial powerattacks. Have not changed any properties or traits on wpn’s since last patch.
Played alot of Slayer recently and from last patch and now i suddenly “suck” at what i was doing before patchday. Playing both the day before and right after. Dont make sense :slight_smile:
Something seems off, that i cant quite put my finger on it. Whats the point of having a melee only hero with 2 melee weapons and not being able to have crowd control anymore?

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