Unchained fire dot damage not scaling

Before patch 2.0.6 fire dot damage always scaled with the unchained power boost buff while using a fire generating weapon like a fire sword, as of this is now broken.

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Yea, the last patch broke the entire class… they are aware of it tho, so hopefully they will fix it asap! all 3 builds of her is broken AF! talents not working properly, skills not working as intended… its really broken!

You would think that they would push an update the same day of realising it was broken af, but i guess not! hopefully it won’t take them 6months to sort it out

Power scaling is mostly fixed, it’s just they missed the UC fire scaling in this small patch.

Fixed now aye

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Hedge can confirm this isn’t fixed for specifically unchained melee power buff not scaling which is still broken in the current patch.

yea, its deffo not fixed :slight_smile:

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