Will the 'Inventory Full' bug still be fixed?

In Dec. 2021, Fatshark said this about the Inventory Full bug, which causes players to be unable to open any more chests:

It wasn’t addressed in the next patch. Then, Fatshark said (on Mar. 2022):

Patch 4.7 is the aforementioned “next content update”. However, there were no fixes to the bug in Patch 4.7.

The inventory full bug will increase in severity the more items are added to the game. The items: weapons (including Weaves weapons which are not shown in the inventory), necklaces, charms, trinkets, frames, skins, illusions, deeds, and stored loot boxes - all occupy the same limited storage space.

Please increase the storage space to reasonable levels. For comparison, the file size of the entire King James Bible as a non-compressed text file is very small, at around 4 MB. The saved item storage size should be a very small fraction of the entire bible’s file size, but we are already reaching the limit.

Bug report posts back in 2018(!):

2020 and later bug reports:


Frankly, do you really think that getting a new date will change the actual state of things? :smiley:
Still, I think it is important to ask about it anyway.

Yeah, with the new premium cosmetics I can open 3 chests before having to scrap now, and I don’t even have an excess of items

I wouldn’t call it a bug, but yeah, it’s a serious issue.
I had no idea that weave weapons counted as items! That explains why I reached the limit so easily with a relatively uncluttered inventory. I crafted and rolled every single weapon there (which was insanely time consuming and boring) just so I could be ready for a mode nobody plays.


Just curious, could it be an impractical thing to increase inventory size? How much space does it actually take on severs and such? Is this actually a bug, or an intentional limit? What is the actual limit? Does it fluctuate depending on certain things?

Also, if the bible is about 4mb, I’m not sure how that translates to bloat and such across thousands of players. I do know there are games that have large inventory systems with many players like Borderlands 3. From my own experience doing LUA extensions for old games (and making an inventory system for one), I’m guessing the only barrier might be the amount of effort it could take to change the limit, that is, if there is a lot of code that is tailored to the specific limit, it’d all need to change. Sometimes the IDE makes changes like that easy, but I have no idea how it works in this program.

I’m kinda nearing my limit now as I have close to 10 different builds for every career saved in the loadout mod. I need multiple reds and perfect orange items to specialize in each build. Every character I have is kitted in all red items. I have not reached the limit, but after about 15 vaults I hit the limit pretty quick, so I probably won’t be able to manage around 190 builds requiring 5 items each. I’m kinda concerned I won’t have room for one of every red skin on every item.

I did a little testing, and adding up all inventory items from all characters gave me 510. Cosmetics and illusions didn’t contribute to the max. I used the windows calculator on my second monitor adding up items on each page. There are 35 per page max with rows of 5. I counted all necklaces, trinkets, and charms once for all characters. I counted the ranged and melee weapons for each character individually. I got some cosmetic stuff and an illusion while at the max, then broke down items one at a time till I could open another vault just to be sure they don’t count. It still took 5 item breaks to get another vault to open bringing me back to 510. This is interesting because the 8-bit integer limit is 255. 255 * 2 is 510. I believe this means the limit might have to be increased to 16 bit which would be 65535 * 2. (Including 0, 8 bit is 256, and 16 bit is 65536). I remember the 16-bit limit from childhood when I used the Warcraft 2 editor to make units have 65535 health, which was the max.

That is just the usual Fatshark modus operandi, I am always ridiculed when I express any kind of expectations regarding the FS fixing anything.

So, basically, because I bought all the cosmetics that I never use just to support the game, I’m screwing my already screwed up inventory? It’s always nice to know when you realize you have proven yourself to be an idiot in several ways at once!

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Basically, yes.

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From what I understand, max inventory is capped at 750, however it can theoretically go upwards to 1000, but that requires FS to do some wonky things on their end.
Never had an issue with the inventory cap, maybe email FS to have them delete deeds out of your inventory or get rid of the copious amount of weapons in your Stach.

Over the past 4 years since I’ve first encountered and reported this problem, I’ve cleared my inventory of all heroic deeds and kept the number of my weapons to a minimum. The problem lies with the cosmetics as you will eventually learn if you keep playing the game. Indeed, even if you “never had an issue with the inventory cap,” each portrait frame you unlock, each hat or outfit you buy from Lohner’s Emporium, each new weapon schematic you unlock or actual weapon you craft take up inventory space and the same goes for each new career your purchase: each career (including the base game ones) come with at least a default hat and a default outfit and if you purchase the DLC careers with their cosmetic upgrades you get yet another hat and outfit for each of them; each premium cosmetics pack add 1 hat and 1 outfit for 5 careers, that’s another 10 inventory slots gone (to this day 4 premium cosmetic packs are available).

To give you another example, you mentioned that “max inventory is capped at 750” I have no idea if this number is accurate but let’s assume it is. Well, as I’m writing these lines, I have 105 portrait frames, 106 if I include the default portrait frame so portrait frames alone take up 1/7 of my inventory space. Add to that all cosmetics bought with shillings from
Lohner’s Emporium or unlocked through achievements/ received from commendation chests, you can get a rough idea of how this problem can and is getting out of hand.

Finally, never mind the fact that this problem’s been known for and reported more than 4 years ago, never mind the fact that until they fix this, they make the problem worse for players whose sole crime is to go after the collectible cosmetics/premium careers they offer. Even if you put all that aside, what about the fact that they announced months ago that this problem would be fixed/addressed in the “next content patch” twice already and didn’t keep to it which tbh wouldn’t be a big deal in itself if FS content updates weren’t months apart. And this isn’t me dissing FS for the frequency of content updates which I find totally fine for a game with no subscriptions, I’m just irked that they want to tie the delivery of important bug fixes such as the one discussed in this topic to content updates.


Small tip on this:

Your inventory is not capped when crafting new items. You can spam do this and dismantle for dust.

It’s extremely tedious though due to chest opening space.

The way cosmetic items are being stored in the backend has been re-written for Be’lakor to make space in the inventory, but at this point it only applies to new accounts. This is because our Backend Engineers want to monitor how it works with new accounts - and iron out any potential issues - before committing the change across existing accounts. So this change will come, and space will be made in your inventories, once our Backend Engineers are 100% happy with it.


Thanks for the update!


2025 or 2026?

Deleting deeds is already in-game functionality. No need to email FS.

I already did. Still hit the inventory cap, hence this post.

Thanks. I request that you make a post when this is done, so we’ll know if we can finally open loot boxes.