Why not new soundtrack?

It’s impressive how far vermintide 2 managed to go without adding a few things. Dedicated servers, new enemies for all tree factions, game modes, customizable controls… All those things weren’t added yet to the game even with a lot of people posting that they want it to be added.

But one of the things I NEVER saw anyone asking is new soundtrack. Soundtrack plays a huge role in games as a whole and have vermintide 2 soundtrack to be just a short clip repeating itself over and over again while there is games like deep rock, Helldivers 2 and even Darktide having a full soundtrack that perfectly fits the theme of the game is just (sadly) laughable.

I saw my self turning off the music with around 30 hours of gameplay by how both hordes and the soundtrack works.
In other games, the soundtrack have a beginning, a middle, and a end, so that if you have a breathing space between the hordes, you can listen to the really well made soundtrack, it doesn’t work the same way with vermintide 2.

Really would like to see everyone else opinions about this topic.

Thank you!! share this post.

A handful of new tracks have been added, actually, usually level-related. :slight_smile: