Weave: Rattling Gunner shoots through the big Tree on Against the Grain


I just found two screenshots I took a couple of days ago. I can’t remember which weave it was exactly, but somewhere in the 20s it is Against the Grain with the golden modifier.
We were fighting around the big tree when a Rattling Gunner spawned and started shooting, I tried to hide behind the tree and got gunned down:

It’s not really visibile, it’s bullets after all, but in the first image you see the green slug flying over me and the green shimmer of the rattling between the ground and the tree.

Second image shows only a very small bullet to the right of the flamer’s tank.

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Can confirm. This is very annoying as the game spawns three or more gunners and two warpfire throwers at the point. The tree should provide cover to give you a tactical tool. Instead it blocks your vision while you are basically standing out in the open for the gunners.

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