Visual Overlay Glitch in Mission

Issue Description:

An odd visual glitch in which the mission overlay remains on the screen for the duration of the mission. This obscures visibility, particularly in darker sections of the game. The issue persisted for one mission only. It was the first mission of the session and was not repeatable during subsequent missions.

Steps to Reproduce:
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  1. Play as Zealot with Lazpistol on Magistrati Oubliette on Malice difficulty
  2. Issue should appear upon loading in. Overlay simply does not go away. This causes little issues with gameplay including obscuring the screen and removing the ability to ping enemies. The ability to chat with other players or see the chat was removed as well. Boss and mini-bosses health bars war invisible as well.

Magistrati Oubliette


Player ID:
[Blue Oyster Cultist] (Steam Community :: Blue Oyster Cultist)

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
[12/03/2022, 04:30/PM] [MST]

Reproduction Rate:
Once (Was unable to reproduce during the session)

Upload Supporting Evidence:

Thank you for your report. I’m guessing you tried hitting ‘tab’ again and it did nothing? Did you alt tab before the bug happened?