Visual duplication of some Launcher elements

Started the launcher today and some of the elements are have a second visual slightly below it. (From what I see the “play” button and the Modded/Official Realm select.) Does’t seem to affect anything functionally. Restarting the launcher did not fix the issue.

When changing from official to modded realm the marker changes, the “second” one does not.

Official Modded marker

Never seen that prior, can’t imagine any of the mods I use have anything to do with this. I believe everything was normal when I started the game yesterday.

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I experience the same issue

i have experienced the same problem today

it looks like they had someone edit a preview shot with photoshop to present at a meeting and then used that picture instead the original raw picture lol


that’s actually hilarious ngl

Got fixed I think, I had it yesterday as well

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