Vigil of the Lady of the Lake and Barrels

Had this two times now during seperate Chaos Wastes Citadel runs with WARRIOR PRIEST.

I got the Boon, and even if I was way above 75% Health, the icon never showed up, and I never got the typical friendly fire voicelines that go along with it.

WARRIOR PRIEST also had a Problem with exploding Barrels during the event on Foetid Gorge (only had that once), where you have to put the 3 Barrels in place. Everytime I picked one up it immidetaly light up as if I hit it.
Very annoying, did not matter which Weapon I had out, even went down inbetween, still same Problem.

Edit: @FatsharkLev

So just played as FootKnight and Warrior Priest was the host.

Got Lady of the Lake boon, but again the Icon did not show, even when I was at 100% health, and it felt like the effect wasn´t there too.

Maybe that boon interacts badly with something from Warrior Priest?

Maybe the dot from Implacable triggered the barrel ?
I don’t know since I don’t think the dot from Unquenchable Thirst does, but they most certainly aren’t programmed the same way.
Edit : the dot from Unquenchable Thirst does trigger barrels too on WP…

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