VFX request

Howdy fellas, hope you are doing great, don’t take loans ever!
btw, my secondary reason for posting is to request more body disposal effects on both el rato onda segundo and tide of the unlighted, i know the engine has a limit of ragdolls and for that reason they must despawn, its a sad “reality” that causes a bit of immersion breaking, specially when you are checking out the rewarding dead pille of your enemy clickage and they just plop out of existence.
There are so many powerful blows skipping them from the hospital visit straight into the gravedigger’s office that they could be used to just despawn right then and there, for example, grail knight ult could have a similar effect to halo 4 enemy disintegration :
https://youtu.be/qRFpwx_1PBU?t=212 3:31 promethean disintegration
The new elf bow could use some blue flame disintegration similar to sienna bolt staff but blue because magic.
and some elites hit directly by a lethal bardin troll hammer (or an actual bomb) could disintegrate (the meat part) and have only parts of the armor flying around along with beef like this guy : https://youtu.be/KLUJsyN7AYg?t=51 0:51

I know theres a saying that goes “if its not malfunctioning do not perform maintenance” something on these lines, but i believe some more effects variants could only improve the game as well hide some unfortunate technical limits.

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