Vermintide 2 Shenanigans

Post pics/videos of classic VT2:


Magically appearing gunner

The globadier that sees all


Globadier attacking stealth hero

Skittergate elevator glitch

Stealth also makes you blind

Home run and victory bagging


Dying to nothing

When gutter runners are more magical than a wizard

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these should go to bugs/feedback category to get some more attention…
been waiting for fs to fix these annoying issues(esp shade stealth) which should have been done before launch…

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Yeah, but they’re not all bug videos and FS wants each bug to have its own thread. And considering they’ve let some of the issues I posted about go on being untouched and unmentioned for so long, it’s kind of killed my care for putting that kind of effort in. I still post bugs and stuff sometimes though. I think they’re aware of like half these issues too, so there wouldn’t be much point in posting those specific ones.

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