Vanguard Pack Date?

Has anyone gotten a response on when the pack will be released? Sorry I’m new to the forums lol. The only reason I started playing Darktide was to live out my Bullgryn fantasy, but the only bullgryn pack was the first rotation on the cosmetic shop and I missed it, so this is the only chance I have at actually being able to have fun with this game.

Don’t have an idea unfortunately. They said november, and the cutoff to be eligible was yesterday. So anytime between five seconds from now, and nov 30th :slight_smile:

Ugh, that’s what I was afraid of. I was so excited when I saw the actual bullgryn mask, I had trouble sleeping the 16th lol. But I logged in the next morning, and felt the happiness melt away lol.


For anyone wondering, this is what a Bullgryn is from the table top game.

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