Usefulness of Brain burst on higher difficulties?

So I’m not sure if I’m just bad at managing charges or what, but does BB just kinda…lose its usefulness once you hit 3+? At that point the amount of specials you cant one tap with it seems to make it seem pointless to try and get the charge and nuke off on it rather than just having your target get melted with everything else when you palpatine down a hallway or what have you


You use the surge staff? Boring. Void Staff all the way, lemme blast away an entire hallway of pox walkers in one blast, electrocuting 6 is just not enough oomph for me

Yes, BB is pretty much useless on Heresy or higher, did some Damnation runs with buddies. I used it exactly twice. It does not scale at all, it kills so much slower than any ranged weapon while leaving you vulnerable. Further your whole kit centers around its use making the psyker experience… meh. I think it should just execute mansized enemies and it would be fine, however as it stands, I don’t think it has a place at all in Heresy or higher, and limited use on Malice.

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Oh did you want to use psyker on difficulty 4 or 5?

Sorry, choose another class because half the kit doesn’t work or scale to those difficulties.


I’ve only been using psyker on rank 3s, so I’m not sure how 4s feel… but maybe BB just changes in how you’re suppose to use it?
Early it’s a special/elite delete button, but on higher you might have to spec for the BB damage buff to make the team shine?

I think it’s on the lv15 perk line, I usually switch to that one on assassination missions and see the bosses completely melt. maybe that’s how BB is suppose to function on higher difficulties, enabling the other classes rather than yourself.

since I feel like on higher difficulties everyone should just be defending the Veteran, as he’ll most likely be killing everything for you, hehe.

@Dyze on higher difficulties it could take 4 brain bursts to kill a special…the time spent casting and clearing peril will result in you…

-taking damage from random mobs.

-wasting your ult to clear faster for an extra burst.

-losing all your warp charges bc they will fall off by the third cast.

-potentially getting your team overrun by the horde or other special enemies bc you’ve spent a massive amount of time out of the fight.

Even the hound takes 2 bursts on higher difficulty, what a joke.

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It can kill Gunners/Shotgunners/Snipers on Heresy, Snipers on Damnation. Or basic enemies, alternatively, any gun can kill many other specials/elites in a fraction of the time with no draw back (peril). It’s time to kill is too long, and it comes with too many risks (getting hit, peril etc) while only being single target. You are FAR better off using ANYTHING other than BB to kill. Possible exception to long range snipers noone else will kill for some reason. The 15% power for getting 6 stacks doesn’t seem to create any new breakpoints. Unless it changes a 3 to a 2 somewhere (which would NOT be worth an entire build), though the 15% power helps things other than BB, so that isn’t useless in and of itself, though i find it a clunky build.

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@Dakka1212 @Jeffrey199
Yeah but that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying maybe it changes to a single debuff and you shouldn’t be pumping 3-4 BBs into the same target, but rather debuffing him and making all other sources of damage better, enabling the team to kill the enemy quicker.

This means you’ll only be doing a single BB and switching to melee or CC. It should be the same thing you’d already be doing in Rank 3s, at least that’s what i’m doing. constantly switching between all three.
Since I don’t think keeping the warp charges going for yourself is going to be as beneficial as debuffing a target to make everyone else do more damage. it should result in a lot more damage.

I’m only theorizing, you with experience of 4s might know better. As losing the 4% warp charge on kill would also lower my survival rate, as that seems to be the best way to regain toughness.

but I suppose you could switch over to toughness on quell, while going CC staff <-> Melee swing and throwing in a single BB when a special requires the debuff. but I haven’t checked if passive quell also counts for the toughness regain, or if it requires active quelling.

I would not write BB off completely on higher difficulties since it still chips away chunks of enemy health, softening them for killing blows from other team members. But it is very much situational and definitely not for dealing killing blows yourself.