Tigrus MK XV Heavy Eviscerator light attack can't stagger enemies

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Issue Description (Required):

The light attack seems to have no stagger at all even with Punishment talent. The special attack on this Eviscerator also can’t stagger enemies in the initial hit.

Steps to Reproduce (Required):

  1. Get into the meat grinder.
  2. Try a weapon with a slightly higher stagger (for example, the Orestes Mk XII Assault Chainaxe, which has 14 stagger, while the Eviscerator has 12).
  3. Spawn three gunners and some minions, hit the minions until you have five stacks of Punishment, then hit the gunners. The Chainaxe can completely knock the gunners to the ground, but the Eviscerator can’t even make them move, despite the Chainaxe having only a 2-point higher stagger stat.

Reproduction Rate (Required):

Constant (100%)

Platform (Required):

PC - Steam

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