Strange weather effect bug everywhere in the keep, some night campaign maps and chaos waste maps too

Im not sure how to describe what im seeing so i will try my best. It looks like water ripples in the sky and whenever you move around in a map or move your mouse cursor they are always moving/changing so its very distracting when playing.

Right click the picture below and open it in a new tab otherwise its hard to see what im talking about.

Is the sky bugged because of something to do with the fifth anniversary event?

It looks like colour banding. We’ll take a look!

It may look better or worse depending on your monitor. You could try adjusting your monitor’s brightness and contrast settings to see if there’s any difference/improvement.

I had to look up what colour banding is because i have never heard of it before, I asked around my group of friends and everyone i asked said they are getting the same distracting weather effects when playing specific maps. This only started happening after the fifth anniversary event went live so i assume it will go away after the event ends?

That’s interesting, thanks CC! I’ve let the development team know and they’re going to investigate and check the issue and test with various monitors.

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