Stay Home Community Event - Overkill Counter

Timewise we should arrive at half time in about 5 Hours. And looking at the current counter it seems that we are right on track as the remaining 8 millions should be doable in that time. Considering the slow start I would say the pace even picked up. If we keep this up, we should “safely” reach the end goal.

In this regard (and under the assumption we can keep the pace) will we get an overkill counter like a second now red and blood soaked bar counting every kill above the 500 millions?

Just to see how far we can go there. Aaaaandd if you feel generous you could add stretch goals. Not sure what could fit there (especially since it is usually combined with work, lots of it), but just to givesome random ideas (I mean if you would be mean you could promise anything super attractive as stretch goals and just put it completely out of reach):

  • 550 Millions: 3 new items in Lohner’s Emporium
  • 600 Millions: 300 Shillings for every participant
  • 650 Millions: New Weekly Event - Hammertime
  • 700 Millions: Slight Change/Addition to Blightreaper’s Final
  • 750 Millions: One additional map for the Back to Ubersreik DLC
  • 1 Billion: Bardin’s Songbook

Realistically, we will not land higher than 600 Millions, so there is only a low risk involved :stuck_out_tongue:



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